GST Effects On Telecom Sector: 18% GST

As a part of the Budget exercise, DOT (Department of Telecom) had recommended to the Department of Revenue to reduce the standard GST rate for Telecom to 12%. In view of the increasing debt burden on telecom operators, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) suggested steps like relaxation in spectrum payout terms (16 installments instead of the current 10), reduction in spectrum usage charges (SUC) among others. A favorable condition would enable Telecom operators to provide quality and affordable services to consumers.

ANNOUNCEMENT: In the budget 2018 there are no changes in the tax structure of the telecom sector. As before it is in believe that after 12% gst on telecom give this industry a boost. But still there is hope for the telecom sector as New telecom policy is still in work and soon the announcement comes from the govt. Some points related to this policy be like :

  • Ease of business environment
  • Connectivity for all and better services
  • New technologies like 5G and loT.
  • New technologies give internet a boost.
  • Now in current the gst rates on telecom sector is 18% GST.
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