Now A Days Travel Agencies Depending On Tour & Travel Software

This is the truth before the technology evolution travel industry can do their work on manual basis. It is very simple like in that way just take a book and write the client name, date of journey, location, how many persons and what is the budget. But as technology enters in market it also enter in travel business also. Now tour & travel software comes in market that can manage all kinds of work of travel agencies through computers or laptops even through mobile phones also. Some good features listed here:

  1. ONLINE QUERY: Now a days travel agencies get query online from software connected to their website. No need to look for customers , after your listing you get automatic queries online easily. Automatic excel file generation for all the leads you got.
  2. AUTOMATIC BOOKING: After query get contact to the particular client and than you can do automatic booking easily. Just to fill the necessary details and get your booking done.
  3. BILLING: Generation of automatic gst bills without any data entry. Bills can easily be connected to the booking part and that get prints of bills easily.
  4. VEHICLE MANAGEMENT: Management of vehicle easily with full trip status, driver advance cut, servicing, oiling, booking status and trip expanse list with in reports.
  5. ONLINE TRACKING:Easy track of all kinds of vehicles time to time, you can check the status of your vehicle with their halting and stoppage details in trip maps.
  6. SMS/EMAIL FEATURES: After every booking clients get the messages on phone about the trip details and their status easily. Get automatic response on emails also with every booking.
  7. PAYROLL MANAGEMENT: Get your staff salary with details on your payroll system fully automatic. This also set according to the staff daily attendance and get cut in salary if not able to come to office.
  8. MULTIPLE USERS GUI: Now this new feature also available in this multiple users GUI means more than one person on multiple computer screens can operate this on same time.