Let's start with the topic How to do Seo on any Wordpress website. Let us start from the basics:
Simple Or Basic Points:  Every WordPress developer knows that WordPress be a well-optimized system for any kind of websites and its contents. It contains a variety of themes and plugins for customization of websites easily. So Just taking care of a few things anyone can easily increase any WordPress website ranking also the traffic as explained below:

  •        Make Changes in URL of Wordpress Website: There is a word coming up in URL as permalink structure, Make changes in this to get better ranking for any WordPress website. The permalink structure looks like this “website URL/?p=456” in general, this is totally okay but make it little better by adding this “website url/category/post-name/” or “website url/post-name/”, this is much better. This step is very effective in SEO terms so always keep this in mind. Permalink structure you can find from here: Go to Settings in Wordpress dashboard page click on Permalink(Settings-> permalink).

Step by step explanation of the above process
a. Go to settings click on permalink(Settings->permalink)
b.      Now change the permalink settings to Post Name(click on post name icon).
c.       Anyone wants to add the category than change the post name bar and add “category-name/post-name/”.
d.      After doing all this click on save and Wordpress can take care of all the pages URL after saving. 

  • Choose https://www or simple https:// Only In URL: Now for Seo prospective, it is good to add www in your URL, you can do this by clicking on settings option in general settings. Change the URL and add www in that save the changes. But there is no big the difference in this because some websites prefer that website, that have www in their URL.
  •  Add SSL Certificate or Non SSL URL: This is also important in 2018 SEO updates, Your website must be secure like a green lock shown in the address bar before the website URL. Search engines prefer more the secure websites now, it can be a good ranking factor so add SSL certificate on Wordpress website. To get the SSL certificate search on google how to get SSL certificate for Wordpress website and follow the instructions. 
  •  Wordpress Website Title Optimization: This is really very important as all pages or post contains a <title >tag. Between this tag the heading of the website or post heading added. So choose the heading proper related to the content on that post or website page, also use some keywords in terms of SEO. This makes your website comes on ranking on as specified header keywords or heading easily.  Search engines read this first and than add the website on the related categories in search results. Remember to add the title in all posts on your wordpress website with proper keywords inclusion.
  •  Wordpress Website Meta Description Optimization: This is also important part, after title optimization you must have to add the meta description comes under <meta> tag. Good quality meta description, with descriptive definition or the page information not so long short just few lines. This description must contains the keywords those related to the Wordpress website content and full of keywords so that it gives boost in ranking. Always remember to add the keywords in description but not repetition again and again the same keyword.
  • Wordpress Website Images Optimization:  Some times ranking takes times because the image optimization never done on a website. Must know always add “alt” tags in all the images, also be creative add the keywords related to website content or posts in alt tags so that images well optimized. This step is a major all images optimized so easily readable by the search engines and get boost in ranking.
  • Sitemaps XML: Wordpress website also have XML sitemaps, you can create it by using online tools for xml sitemap creation. Find this on google and add  website address on that tool. A file downloaded named XML sitemap. Now the task is to upload this xml sitemap in google webmaster or any other search engine webmasters. After uploading the file wordpress website now easily readable by the search engine with all the content and tags. Update the XML site map always when you add new content time to  time give search engines the full access of the newly updated content.
  • H1,H2, H3 Tags: Check for the H1,H2 and H3 tags and always add these tags in wordpress websites so that the content looks well organized. As the search engines loves the H1,H2 and H3 tags makes the website more organized as per SEO terms. 
  • Code Cleaning: Check the JavaScript and CSS files in your templates files. If all of them available must move to them to the above folder not in the templates. This makes your code clean as per the SEO terms, for good ranking.
  • Check Wordpress Website Speed: Always check the speed of the website, now a days as per new update comes search engines love to rank those website have good loading speed. Keep this in mind so check the whole template, remove extra files and also check for the images alt tags , add to all the images alt tags, also follow all of the above steps in checking if anything left, add instantly. This makes your Wordpress website load faster speed must be below 3 or 4 seconds always.
  •         No Sidebars in Wordpress Website: Now remember this, you have to remove the side bars from your wordpress website. Search engines now a days gives automatic sidebars as according to the screen size, like mobiles and laptops. So be more creative remove the sidebar make the website look great.
  • .       No Duplicity Content: Before posting any content must know the rule as per SEO, if you post the duplicate content your website goes out from ranking instantly. Search engines like refreshing content only new and fresh not the duplicate one. Keep this in mind always, duplicity can remove the whole website instantly from search engine and you never find it again.  
  •        Make Different Pages For Each Post: Always make different pages for posts like all posts have its own page. This scenario have good advantages in SEO also social, Beginner SEO,any negative comment on your post makes your Wordpress blog in negative if you have only one page for all posts. But different different pages removes this disadvantage. Also follow all the instructions from above when ever you make a new page as per the good SEO.
  •         Posts Interlinking: As per the SEO perspective you can add the previous posts links in your new posts so that all of them gets optimized with the new one. This is called smart work in SEO, you can add 2 or 3 posts or more in your new post depends on the size of the post(how many words). In linking you can add the keywords of the related posts so that search engines read the keywords and also get traffic on older posts always. This step make the older posts alive not dead and always in the news. Rank high with our blog post "How to get more traffic on blog".


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